Release notes

Native SDK (C++)

  • v2.2.3

    Download The Native SDK provides the required libraries and header files for your favorite compiler to integrate NoesisGUI with your proprietary C++ technology.

Managed SDK (C#)

  • v2.2.3

    Download The Managed SDK includes .NETStandard 2.0 assemblies providing a WPF compatible API ready to be consumed by your C# applications.

Unity package

  • v2.2.3

    Download Download our NoesisGUI plugin for Unity and start creating interfaces in Visual Studio Blend that automatically reload in the editor.

Unreal 4 Plugin

  • v2.2.3

    Download Our Unreal Engine plugin brings NoesisGUI to your videogame. Create rich interfaces with XAML and connect behaviors using C++ and Blueprints.