Discover the most powerful User Interface middleware for videogames and realtime applications



Vector based

The core of NoesisGUI is a resolution-independent and vector-based rendering engine that is built to take advantage of modern graphics hardware.

Vector based<

Declarative Language

NoesisGUI is based on XAML, a powerful UI declarative markup language compatible with Microsoft Expression Blend and WPF.

Declarative Language

Efficient Workflow

Boost the performance of your pipeline by having designers and developers working in parallel. Do modifications to the UI and get immediate feedback without having to rebuild your application.

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Data Binding

Simple and consistent way to present and interact with data using MVVM patterns. Provides a clean separation of business logic from UI.

Data Binding

Fluid Animation

Animation can make an attractive user interface even more spectacular and usable. Awake your creativity by creating subtle effects or dramatic transitions.


Create unique user experiences by using a powerful styling and skinning mechanism. Completely replace the look and feel of user interface elements.

* Screenshot from the game Universe or Nothing.


Easy Integration

Just link against our library and hook your own Renderer, Allocator and Filesystem. Bindings to .NET and the most popular engines and platforms are also available.

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unigine
  • Leadwerks
  • Ogre3D
  • OpenSceneGraph
  • Monogame
  • Xenko
  • Wave Engine
  • cocos2d-x

Supported platforms

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Switch
  • UWP
  • Android
  • iOS
  • WebGL

Selected customers

  • LindenLab [Games]
  • Larian [Games]
  • Reforged Studios [Games]
  • Taleworlds Entertainment [Games]
  • Atomic Torch Studio [Games]
  • Kingdom Games [Games]
  • Redgiant [Industrial]
  • GE Oil & Gas [Industrial]
  • ARUP [Industrial]
  • Easylaser [Industrial]
  • iQmetrix [Industrial]
  • S-Plane [Simulation]
We really enjoyed working with NoesisGUI, it was very easy and convenient to get it up and running with our own UI from scratch. Implementation in a third-party engine was flawless.
Bryan Andrew King (Fourth Quarter)
NoesisGUI saved us easily at least one year of development for iOS. We use it to move a Windows XAML-based app to Android and iOS. Allowed very fast prototyping and the cross-platform support is awesome.
Nikola Mihaylov (Fantasia Painter)
NoesisGUI is the most advanced cross-platform UI library ever made. It gives us the power and reliability of XAML with data binding for rapid development of complex UI for any of our game projects.
Vladimir Kozlov (Atomic Torch)
What can I say about NoesisGUI other than to praise it to heavens? Data binding is really something which every game developer needs but might no be aware of that, it is a game changer.
Hannes Väisänen (Dreamloop Games)
I have been extremely impressed with the quality of this product and the professionalism of the team behind it. I can honestly say that NoesisGUI has really helped to make my game a reality.
Mark Aherne (Wired Games)
We have been using NoesisGUI to great success. The system allows us to author our graphical user interfaces using industry standard solutions such as Blend for Visual Studio.
Timo Heinäpurola (Reforged Studios)
We have used other UI libraries before NoesisGUI but none came even close in terms of performance nor productivity. If you are a Unity developer and have a UI with a complex layout NoesisGUI is a must have.
Ivan Barbancic (Coachvision)
NoesisGUI is a powerful and versatile GUI for Unity, especially if you go for high end quality delivery on various display sizes, it is just great time saver and looking crisp with being vector based.
Robert Praxmarer (Polycular)
Noesis provided a versatile and reliable UI framework that was intuitive for both designers and engineers, allowing us to quickly iterate on the look and feel of a sizable project, including a last minute UI reskin that went much more smoothly than it should've!
Aaron Standridge (Kingdom Games)
We struggled to find anything that was fast and flexible until we discovered Noesis. Noesis is able to handle all of our UI needs, from immersive VR interfaces to deep content creation tools
Jeff Petersen (Linden Lab)