VisualTreeHelper Class

Provides utility methods that perform common tasks involving nodes in a visual tree.

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Name Description
GetChild Returns the child visual object of a parent at the specified index
GetChildrenCount Returns the number of children that a parent visual contains
GetClip Returns the clip geometry of the Visual
GetContentBounds Returns the cached bounding box rectangle for the Visual
GetDescendantBounds Returns the union of all the content bounding boxes for all the descendants of the visual object, which includes the content bounding box of the Visual
GetOffset Returns the offset of the Visual
GetParent Returns the parent of the visual object
GetRoot Returns the root of the visual tree where the specified visual is
GetSize Returns the size of the Visual
HitTest Returns the top-most Visual object of a hit test. The coordinate value you pass as the point parameter has to be relative to the coordinate space of the visual object


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