RoutedUICommand Class

A command that is routed through the element tree and contains a text property.

The following built-in commands are available in the ApplicationCommands class:

  • CancelPrint, Close, ContextMenu, Copy, CorrectionList, Cut, Delete, Find, Help, New, Open, Paste, Print, PrintPreview, Properties, Redo, Replace, Save, SaveAs, SelectAll, Stop, Undo

The following built-in commands are available in the ComponentCommands class:

  • ExtendSelectionDown, ExtendSelectionLeft, ExtendSelectionRight, ExtendSelectionUp, MoveDown, MoveFocusBack, MoveFocusDown, MoveFocusForward, MoveFocusPageDown, MoveFocusPageUp, MoveFocusUp, MoveLeft, MoveRight, MoveToEnd, MoveToHome, MoveToPageDown, MoveToPageUp, MoveUp, ScrollByLine, ScrollPageDown, ScrollPageLeft, ScrollPageRight, ScrollPageUp, SelectToEnd, SelectToHome, SelectToPageDown, SelectToPageUp
    <DockPanel Width="300" Height="300" Background="#505860">
        <Menu DockPanel.Dock="Top">
            <MenuItem Header="File"/>
            <MenuItem Header="Edit">
                <MenuItem Header="Copy" Command="ApplicationCommands.Copy"/>
                <MenuItem Header="Cut" Command="ApplicationCommands.Cut"/>
                <MenuItem Header="Paste" Command="ApplicationCommands.Paste"/>
            <MenuItem Header="Help"/>

Inheritance Hierarchy


INDEX Class Hierarchy Index


From RoutedUICommand

Name Description
Create Creates an UI routed command

From RoutedCommand

Name Description
CanExecute Determines whether this RoutedCommand can execute in its current state
CanExecute Determines whether the command can execute in its current state
CanExecuteChanged Occurs when changes occur that affect whether or not the command should execute
Execute Executes the RoutedCommand on the current command target
Execute This method is called when command is invoked


From RoutedUICommand

Name Description
None Text Gets or sets the text that describes this command
DP_ Dependency Property - RO_ Read only

From RoutedCommand

Name Description
RO InputGestures Gets the collection of InputGesture objects that are associated with this command
RO OwnerType Gets the class type of the object that defines the command
DP_ Dependency Property - RO_ Read only
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