ResourceDictionary Class

Provides a hash table that contains resources used by the UI.

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From ResourceDictionary

Name Description
Add Adds an element with the provided key and value to the dictionary
Clear Removes all elements from the dictionary
Contains Determines whether the dictionary contains an element with the specified key
Count The number of entries of the base dictionary (excluding merged dictionaries)
EnumKeyValues Enumerates the entries of the base dictionary (excluding merged dictionaries)
Find Looks for an element in the dictionary
FindName Returns an object that has the provided identifying name
Get Gets or sets the element with the specified key
GetMergedDictionaries Gets a collection of the ResourceDictionary dictionaries that constitute the various resource dictionaries in the merged dictionaries.
HasResourcesDefined Indicates if this dictionary or any of the merged dictionaries contains a resource
IsReadOnly Indicates if this dictionary is read-only
RegisterName Registers the provided name into the current namescope
Remove Removes the element with the specified key from the dictionary
UnregisterName Unregisters the provided name from the current namescope
UpdateName Updates previously registered item with new one. This is usefull to refresh Binginds when freezables are cloned

From BaseDictionary

Name Description
RemoveDictionaryChangedListeners Removes listeners subscribed to DictionaryChanged event


From ResourceDictionary

Name Description
None Source Get or set source file for dictionary
DP_ Dependency Property - RO_ Read only
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