FrameworkTemplate Class

Enables the instantiation of a tree of elements for a template.

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From FrameworkTemplate

Name Description
Apply Applies current template to the element specified
CanSeal Indicates if the current instance can be sealed
FindName Finds the element associated with the specified name defined within this template
FindName Returns an object that has the provided identifying name
GetAvailableTriggers Gets template triggers if available
IsSealed Indicates if the current instance is sealed
RegisterName Registers the provided name into the current namescope
Seal Seals the current instance
UnregisterName Unregisters the provided name from the current namescope
UpdateName Updates previously registered item with new one. This is usefull to refresh Binginds when freezables are cloned


From FrameworkTemplate

Name Description
None Resources Gets or sets the collection of resources that can be used within the scope of this template.
None VisualTree Gets or sets the root node of the template.
DP_ Dependency Property - RO_ Read only


FrameworkTemplate has no events

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