Clock Class

Maintains run-time timing state for a Timeline. A Timeline, by itself, doesn't actually do anything other than describe a segment of time. It's the timeline's Clock object that does the real work: it maintains timing-related run-time state for the timeline.

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From Clock

Name Description
GetCurrentState Gets a value indicating whether the clock is currently Active, Filling or Stopped.
HasControllableRoot Gets a value that indicates whether this Clock is part of a controllable clock tree.


From Clock

Name Description
RO CurrentIteration Get the current iteration of this clock within its current active period, or -1 if this clock is stopped.
RO CurrentProgress Gets the current progress of Clock within its current iteration. This is a value between 0.0 and 1.0
RO CurrentTime Gets this clock's current time within its current iteration.
RO Parent Gets or sets the clock that is the parent of this clock.
RO Timeline Gets the Timeline from which this Clock was created.
DP_ Dependency Property - RO_ Read only


From Clock

Name Description
D Completed Occurs when this clock has completely finished playing.
R Routed Event - N Non routed event - D Delegate Event
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